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Karps Power Brake Service

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Power Brake Rebuilding
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   Bendix Treadle -Vac
K-H Vac-Draulic   

Karps Power Brake
has 50 years of experience that 
offers knowledge and dependability our customers can count on for daily drivers and show cars alike.

We manufacture our own rubber and metal parts for units that are now obsolete. These parts are made to the exact specifications of the original to provide the customer a quality product.

We have an extensive inventory of exchange units on site.  This enables us to provide prompt service for customers who do not have or need the 'ORIGINAL' unit.
This inventory also provides a reliable source for 'Special Application' projects.

Hard to find hoses
Special Applications
Custom lines to fit your specifications
304 Stainless Steel Sleeving
Karps Power Brake Service    66 N. Central Ave  Upland, CA  91786  U.S.A.  (909)985-0800